Executive Manager


Eng.Abdulhalim Al-Qefari

 Director Supplies


Eng.Hussien Al-Dalgamoni

 General Manager


Eng.Abdulsalam Al-Qefari

Manager of Project Management




Our target in "Mobdeon" is to become the best in the field of modern educational technology in the GCC countries by offering the best solutions and educational services professionally and efficiently..

Be seeing "creative" to be the first provider of modern technology solutions for education in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and is working to develop the means by which the level of instruction provided to students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through quality and excellence.

Mobdeon Company (MC) is a leading provider of scientific solutions for laboratories (Physics, Chemical, Biological, Biomedical, Bio-instruments, and engineering technology Lab.) and computer technology across the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia.
Since its inception in 2003, MC has developed a portfolio of leading products in the fields of analytical, life sciences, University and Educational laboratories supply, and computer technology.
Within the period of solid experience, the MC team of 50 professionals provides application support, training, installation and maintenance for laboratories.
The sales and service teams located across the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia, along with the network of distinguished local agents ensure close reach to any laboratory.
Over the past years, Mobdeon Company has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to the development of the analytical, material, life sciences and laboratory supplies in Kingdome of Saudi Arabia. By working closely with principals and government authorities, MC remains at the forefront of the industry, keeping up to date with the latest technological developments and trends.

Mobdeon Was the First on the 28th Session of the Council of Ministers of Labour of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in Abu Dhabi on the technology Section, follow working model to facilitate the improvement toward the educational section inside Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by using pioneer consultants and creative persons who have long experience in the educational issues, to ensure comprehensive experts and recent technologies over all the world.