Supply Management concerns with supplying and servicing hospitals, Laboratories, and Scientific Labs

with latest Medical, Analytical, and Scientific Devices. In additional to that, Chemicals, Reagents,

Glassware, Plasticware, and accessories, and Computer & Network , Security System



Care Medical administration for the supply of the latest medical equipment and maintenance of hospitals, laboratories, science laboratories, analytical and scientific instruments. In addition, chemicals, reagents,Glassware, plasticware, and accessories
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Providing Security System specially for Vehicles and Homes and Offices and for Warehouses with yearly maintenance Service High quality and customers’ satisfaction is our motto and we are constantly striving to achieve and sustain it. We offer our products in accordance with the requirement and budget of the clients.
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Computer networks division has good team for a sales and maintenance of computers and networks and the installation of Servers and Routers and Switches and the installation of fiber optic cables and the installation of surveillance systems and cameras....
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