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Medical Devices

• Our cooperation on improve the health care units (devices and accessories) is all of our concentrated work. So, we become today the first choice in our region of supplying medical devices and its’ accessories. In additional to the high grad of concreting, Reliability, and performance. We supply varied range of products and integrated solution that can assist the specialists for diagnostic and treatment. Our products that we supply are from the best manufactures. 

• Our products featuring with high safety with high slandered quality (ISO, CE) to facilitate the specialists to do their jobs with safest way, where our products now are references in a lot of places.


Monitoring and graph devices (cardio, blood pressure, temp, Diabetes, and patients monitor)

• ICU, CCU devices. • Surgery and operation devices.

• Children and maternity devices. • ENT Clinics devices.

• Internal Medicine Clinic devices. • Ophthalmic Clinics devices.

• Radiology Devices (Ultrasound and X-ray).

• Laboratory devices (immunoassay, chemistry, hematology, molecular, urinalysis, and blood gas testing systems) and its’ kit and reagent.

Chemicals & Reagents2

Scientific Experiments


Chemicals & Reagents2

Laboratory Devices


Chemicals & Reagents2



Chemicals & Reagents2